The best gifts for First Communion for boys and girls (2021)

Do you need a good gift for a communion in 2021? Don’t you know how to surprise a girl or a boy in their Communion? We are going to recommend some spectacular and very original gifts for girls and boys (and a few more options just in case you continue to doubt). They are perfect gifts for sons, daughters, nephews or nieces.

I still remember my First Communion and especially the gifts they gave me… they were too formal for such a small child. It seems that you are almost »an adult when you celebrate your First Communion and many times they give you a gold pendant, a bracelet, a very sensible book…. and the boy or girl stays with an impressive face saying…. Do I really deserve this?

These are the dates on which most Communions are celebrated, so if you have to go to one or your children are going to celebrate it, we are going to give you some original gift ideas that will surprise the little ones. .

Gifts for First Communion: How to surprise boys and girls with an original gift .

4 First Communion gifts for girls

1 Elsa Classic Doll

  • The chances of you hitting this gift are 100%. What better time than this to give a doll that is a princess? This singing Frozen Elsa doll  has a price of about 30 euros. You push a button and it starts to sing. 
  • By pressing the button in the shape of a snowflake, Elsa sings her most iconic song, “I am free”, the theme that all the children who have seen this film grant.

2.-Your first tablet

  • Nor do you need to spend a little money for your first tablet: for about 70 euros we have some very acceptable models that can be perfect for girls of this age, specifically this Amazon model, the cheapest Fire Tablet.  Perfect for consuming content.
  • 7-inch IPS screen with higher contrast and sharper text, a 1.3 GHz Quad-Core processor, 1GB of RAM and up to 8 hours of battery life.
  • 16 or 32 GB internal storage and microSD slot for up to 512 GB of additional space.
  • Enjoy millions of songs, Kindle eBooks, apps and games from the Amazon Appstore, such as Prime Video, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify (not compatible with Google Play Store).
  • Prime members have unlimited access to movies, series, and secure photo storage at no additional cost.

3.-Your first camera

  • But not just any one, which is already widely seen. We are going to buy a camera that can put in water, like this Nikon Coolpix W100 model  , a 13.2 Mp compact camera, 2.7 ″ screen, 3x optical zoom and resistant to water, dust and shocks.  It’s easy to handle and can be a hit this summer on the beach. It has a price of less than 140 euros. 
  • Image Sensor 1 / 3.1-in.type CMOS, Total Pixels: Approx. 
  • 14.17 million and ISO 125-1600 sensitivity
  • TFT LCD monitor with a diagonal of 2.7 ″ and approx. 
  • 230,000 dots, with anti-reflective coating and 5 levels of brightness adjustment
  • NIKKOR lens with 3x optical zoom and focal length of 4.1mm to 12.3mm
  • Storage: SD, SDHC, SDXC, internal memory (approx. 22 MB), Micro USB connector, Hi-Speed ​​USB, HDMI micro connector (Type D)
  • WIFI and Bluetooth
  • Has a rechargeable Li-ion EN-EL19 battery (included)
  • Water, dust and shock resistant

4.-Barbie Dreamhouse, dollhouse 

  • The most typical Barbie house. 
  • He even has a really good series of his own from a few years ago. 
  • Very funny.
  • It measures 122cm tall by 91cm wide and has 3 floors and 7 rooms to play in (it’s huge!). 
  • The elevator is actually operated with a lever and comes with nice details like roof tiles, black artificial wrought iron balconies, and patterned stickers.

4 First Communion gifts for children

1.-A video camera to film underwater

  • The anterior chamber would also be worth it, but surely this is not expected. A Lexibook video camera with which you can record underwater. Let’s say it’s a kind of GoPro for kids, saving the distance. It has a price of about 80 euros.
  • It has a Full HD 120 ° lens and a large 2.4 »touch screen , which allows each child to immortalize their own feats
  • WIFI connectivity
  • Fixing accessories included for helmets, bikes and other mounts
  • Equipped with watertight housing

2.-Any LEGO Star Wars game

  • With the arrival of the new Star Wars movies, surely he does not mind if you give him some LEGO Star Wars themed game, for example the LEGO Star Wars – Imperial Star Destroyer, playset, which is not cheap, but it is spectacular, or this slightly cheaper but also one of the best set, the Millennium Falcon (75105). It has a price of about 100 euros.
  • Includes 6 mini figures with different weapons, as well as a BB-8 astromech droid
  • The exterior has a streamlined and detailed design
  • The interior includes a hyperdrive system, holo-chess board and a secret compartment
  • Weapons include: blaster pistol, silver-colored blaster pistol, gang blaster pistol, gang rifle and a Wookiee crossbow
  • Measures over 5 ” (14cm) high, 18 ” (47cm) long and 12 ” (32cm) wide

3.-A board game … but not just any one

  • Devir – Catan is the board game in fashion right now. We already did a review on Devir – Catan, the best board game to play with the family , so you won’t regret buying this game from him. It has a price of about 36 euros.
  • This is not the only option we have in terms of board games, but it may be the one that you are going to hook the most. 
  • And it is a perfect game for adults too, so take advantage of playing with your child.

4.-LEGO Boost – Creative Toolbox

  • With over 840 LEGO elements, a LEGO Move Hub with bluetooth connectivity, an interactive motor, and a color and distance sensor. 
  • The perfect gift for children who like robotics.
  • Build and customize Vernie, your very own talking robotic friend, program his behavior, and engage in fun activities with the included playmat.
  • It connects with your smartphone or tablet through the LEGO BOOST app, available for iOS and Android. 
  • Perfect from 7 years of age. 
  • Educational and simple robotics for the little ones.

The perfect gift for both boys and girls

Is there a perfect gift for both girls and boys at their first communion? We think so … A video game console. And at this moment there are 3 spectacular models. And in case you do not want a console as a gift, we propose a puzzle game.

1.-Nintendo Switch – Console

  • It rampages among children around the world for its three game modes. 
  • You can play at home connected to the television, as if it were a tablet or as if it were a handheld console.
  • At home, the console rests on a base connected to the television, allowing you to play with friends and family. 
  • Removing the console from the base will launch portable mode on a high definition display
  • The ability to separate the Joy-Con controllers opens up multiple gameplay possibilities
  • Micro SD memory card compatible

2.- Playstation 4 (PS4) – 500 Gb Console + 2 Dual Shock 4 Controllers + Fortnite Content

  • The new Sony console more powerful than ever and with games that all children like. 
  • And with the game of fashion among teenagers, Fornite. 
  • You can not ask for more.

3.- Xbox Series S

  • Next-gen performance on the smallest Xbox ever
  • All-Digital
  • 1440p resolution up to 120FPS
  • DirectX Raytraycing
  • Variable Refresh Rate
  • Play video in 4K
  • 512GB Custom SSD
  • The new generation of consoles. This Xbox is very cheap and gives you a lot of gaming options. It only works digitally. All video games must be downloaded. You can play thousands of games from four generations of Xbox, including Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Original Xbox with backward compatibility.

4.-Smart IQ Fit, puzzle game with challenges

  • Brain game with 110 progressive challenges that 
  • develops logical ability and spatial skills. 
  • Recommended age: over 6 years old. 
  • It can be a bit complicated at first, but as soon as they get the hang of it they don’t stop playing with it.
  • They won’t stop until you put all the pieces together correctly. 
  • Interesting game even for adults. The instructions are very helpful and can help you get to know the mechanics of the game at first.


Board games, construction games, cameras, tablets, dolls … You are going to surprise at the next first communion celebration you have. They are very original gifts. Things haven’t changed that much (well, before there were no tablets, no cameras to put underwater).

Surely with any of these gifts you will be completely right and you will get your son, nephew or grandson or family member to take a great memory of their First Communion. You can spend more than 100 euros or less than 20 euros but all the gifts will surprise any child.

And if you want to get it right…. do not hesitate to buy a video game console … He will cry with emotion when he sees it.

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