White noise for sleeping babies: The best trick to put your child to sleep (Android application – iOS white noise machine or web)

Desperate because your baby won’t sleep? Do you want to know how to put your baby to sleep with white noise? Do you need an app to sleep babies? Or a white noise machine? You no longer have to turn on the hair dryer, the vacuum cleaner or the kitchen extractor hood to generate a monotonous noise that makes your baby fall asleep in seconds … Now you can use apps or white noise machines.

One of the main problems that parents often have is that it is very difficult for a baby to sleep, and not only that: they may not stop crying because they do not know how to fall asleep. We are going to see how to use white noise to calm your baby into sleep.

You can use an app for Android or iOS, connect to a website that produces it, or directly buy a device that generates this type of sound.

What is the average sleep time of a baby?

  • First weeks: 20-23 hours a day
  • First month: 17-20 hours a day
  • From the second to the third month: 15-18 hours a day
  • 6 months: between 14 and 16 hours a day

The baby will begin by having a very light sleep phase, and because of that he wakes up so easily, taking about 15 minutes to go into a deeper phase of sleep.

When the months go by and we think that he has already caught a correct sleep pattern (my mother, he already sleeps 4 and 5 hours in a row), his first teeth will begin to emerge (maybe from 3-5 months of age) and he can having trouble sleeping.

Also, many babies, from 4-5 months of age , may have sleep disturbances because they are hungry and begin to need solid foods, one of the reasons to start complementary feeding at this time. Much patience.

The best trick to put a baby to sleep: put white noise with a baby sleep app (Android or iOS)

We have already talked about it in « The best way to put a baby to sleep: Meet your child «, but today we are going to give you the definitive advice to put a baby to sleep in less than 15 minutes, and it is one that we have tested in our own daughters.

Clearly, it may not work for 100% of babies, but it costs us nothing to try. The trick is this: bring the baby closer to a source of white noise.

What is this about? White noise masks the rest of the noises and as it is a constant noise, it makes the baby’s brain calm and it can easily fall asleep. It reminds you of the environment and sounds you could hear in the womb. Your baby will be in the womb so calm again. 

These are the typical sources of white noise that have always been there, but the truth is that it is not practical to put the vacuum cleaner or the hair dryer in the baby’s room to put them to sleep, right? We would go to the kitchen and put the extractor hood on with our twins … but it’s not the best option for parents to be comfortable either …

Now with new technologies we can make life much easier: we only need a computer, or better still, a smartphone and an internet connection that generate this type of noise. There are many white noise apps both on Google Play for Android and in the Apple App Store for iPhone or iPad. We can also buy a device that generates white noise.

1.-Website to generate white noise for your baby

What do we use? On the computer we go to the website noisli.com , which has a good collection of sounds to try. The last three white noise works for us, but the one that imitates the sound of a propeller is also perfect.

2.-Applications to generate white noise for baby’s on iOS (iPhone, iPad)

You will also be able to find a  Noisli application for iOS that costs 2.29 euros and where we will be able to find several sound combos, a specific one called “Moms Favorite” (Mama’s Favorites). It has a timer and a minimalist design that changes color, perfect for the child to have the room illuminated. Very nice.

But it is not the only option for iOS: Baby Sleep White Noise , with quite similar sounds and some other interesting option, such as automatically activating the sound when you hear the baby’s cry.

3.-Applications to generate white noise for baby’s on Android

Options for Android operating system?  White Noise : Mix the soothing sounds together and create your own favorite mix to relax, sleep, or focus. With Relaxio you can create your own sound mixes very easily.

It is clear that it does not cost anything to try, and if it works, take a look, in less than 15 minutes you will have your baby asleep.

4.-The Machine that generates white noise for your baby

Finally we have the most professional option. A specific machine to generate white noise anywhere and without worrying that your mobile battery will run out.

Yogasleep Whish White Noise Sound Machine

  • Creates a soothing White Noise that masks other external noises
  • Low energy consumption
  • The results are noticeable after a week of daily use
  • The volume can be adjusted by turning the lid of the appliance

The white sound it generates is not very loud (about 50-75db) but it is enough to help the baby fall asleep. This sound is not annoying at all, and we can assure you that adults take longer to get used to this device than a newborn baby. It is a good opportunity to make your child fall asleep more easily.

You can also take advantage and buy a light projector or nightstand to relax the baby even more:

White noise applications. Ready to sleep better?

Do you know what white noise is and what it is for? Discover now the best white noise applications and start sleeping and concentrating better.

White noise is a conjunction of all sound frequencies. It is called in this way referring to the case of light, since white light is the conjunction of all light frequencies. This type of sound is preferred by many people to achieve a pleasant and uninterrupted sleep, and even to calm and sleep babies . It acts as a blocker for other sounds, for example noises coming from the street or snoring from a neighboring room.

For this reason, white noise is also widely used for studying, since it allows greater concentration, at the same time that it inhibits (to a large extent) the noises and sounds that can disturb when studying or working. Above all, it is useful for those people who, unlike others, cannot relax even with music designed for concentration. 

White noise for sleep is becoming more and more common and technology is not far behind. For this reason there are different white noise applications that are usually used to rest deeply, sleep babies or disconnect the noise of our mind for a moment. 

Existing applications for mobile phones allow you to combine different frequencies of sounds at different volume levels and thus achieve the perfect noise for you. Ideal for those who want control over the GHz they consume. 

While in other applications you can find playlists of many hours with different sounds and thus select different ones to preference without having to do more than listen a little.

If you are one of those who collects all kinds of applications for both relaxation and study , below we recommend some of the best apps to start your immersion in the universe of white noise.

White Noise Lite

White Noise Lite works in two versions, one paid and the other free. With this mobile application you can select the noise you prefer and set an alarm with another sound to wake up. You have different options, such as crickets, thunder, rain, and clocks. You can select the volume level you want to enjoy white noise for study, sleep or work.


Noisli is an application that allows you to achieve an ideal combination of sounds for each person. From a list of possibilities, you can select the kind of sound you want and gradually adjust the volume levels to your liking. In this way, the application will work for as long as you want, providing you with personalized white noise for sleeping. This application differs by granting the possibility of mixing and combining all the sounds of the platform at different levels, so it is very personalized.

Sleep baby

Sleep baby is specifically used to put sounds and white noise to babies. It offers a wide variety of sounds, from transportation, appliances, nature sounds, pure white noise, and lullabies. You can program it for as long as you want and also include certain expressions so that the baby feels that there is someone with him. It also works without an Internet connection.

YouTube and Spotify

Other white noise apps that work perfectly on any device are YouTube and Spotify. Both apps have white noise playlists for babies, to study, work or rest. In the case of Spotify, you must install the application and use the free version, but you should know that in this way the sounds can be interrupted by advertisements, so perhaps the best is the paid version. If you buy the app’s service, you can not only avoid ads, but also save your favorite playlists and play them even without an Internet connection.

In the case of YouTube, the ads also happen, but it works perfectly if you do not want to use your mobile phone, download or pay for any application. Perhaps it can be used to test if white noise to study really works.

It is clear that we have more and more resources at our fingertips to find the relaxation and serenity we need after a stressful day. But beyond all the platforms where you can find white noise, we advise you to use good quality devices and headphones so that this type of technology can have a totally positive impact on our lives.

What are baby white noises?

It is advised that, when you cannot put your baby to sleep, you try with noise from the dryer, kitchen extractor or untuned television channel. These noises are called white noises, and oddly enough, many babies stop crying when they hear it.

What is white noise to sleep?

White noise makes the hearing threshold level reach its maximum speed and this means that, in the presence of this type of background noise, the most intense auditory stimuli are less able to activate the cerebral cortex during sleep.

How to make a baby get used to sleeping with noise?

In order for the baby to be able to adjust this biological clock, it needs some external stimuli: During the day, put it to bed with light and ambient noise: when the baby sleeps during the day we must not mitigate the noise in the room and it is good that we let the sunlight in.

How to calm a baby to sleep?

Hold your baby in her arms and lay her body on her left side to aid digestion, or on her stomach for support. Gently massage her back. If your baby is going to sleep, always remember to put him in her crib on his back. Put on a calming sound

What is a white noise machine?

White noise is used to counteract insomnia problems in both adults and babies and can be emitted in different ways: white noise machines, devices, toys or stuffed animals for babies, etc. Using the best white noise machine is within your reach.

What is white noise and what is it for?

The constant and uniform noise from any appliance in the room is what is called white noise. … In addition, according to experts, having this background sound serves to cover other noises from the environment, such as car alarms, buildings, dog barking, among others

What sounds are good for sleeping?

They are as follows:
White noise. White noise is a mixture of all sound frequencies at the same level of intensity. …
Waves. The noise of the waves swaying is very relaxing and is another of the most effective sleep sounds. …
Aquatic sounds.

What is the normal noise level to be able to sleep?

For sleeping, the WHO sets two different noise limits. On the one hand, the continuous, which should not exceed 30dB, if it exceeds it, it can deteriorate the quality of sleep and rest, even if it does not wake us up.

What is white noise in communication?

A white noise is that sound that sends a random signal in which all its frequencies have the same power and the same loudness. Basically, white noises are flat, constant sounds where no frequency sounds louder than another.

Why does my baby make noises when sleeping?

The noises babies make when sleeping are due to the shape of their nose and palate. They are a kind of growls that can be followed by moans.

What to do when the baby is very nervous?

Top 10 techniques for calming a baby

1 Watch carefully for any signs that may indicate the cause of the baby being unwell. …
2 Increase physical contact. …
3 Rock him gently. …
4 Lull him. …
5 Walking the baby in your arms. …
6 Give him a massage. …
7 Bathing the child. …
8 Allow him to suck.
9 Make you hear monotonous sounds
10 Keep calm.

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